Bindazzled services Domestic, Commercial and Government clients.

Wheelie bin cleaning and washing, commercial bin cleaning and washing, pathway high pressure washing, driveway high pressure washing, bus stop high pressure washing and bin cage pressure washing.

Wheelie Bin Washing

Binndazzled specialises in thoroughly cleaning, sanitising and deodorising your wheelie bins. Keeping the environment in mind. All dirty water is captured on our cleaning unit. We use only approved, non-toxic cleaning agents that are safe for you and the environment. All cleaning products are environmentally friendly.

How It Works

Step 1 – BINDAZZLED vehicles are fitted with a double bin washing unit that will arrive on site after your wheelie bins have been emptied by your waste contractor.

Step 2 – Using high pressure water lances, we will clean your wheelie bin inside and out, our equipment will drain the dirty contents into a holding tank on the vehicle keeping the environment clean.

Step 3 – We will then rinse your wheelie bins; sanitise and deodorise them, leaving them fresh, clean and smelling great.

Pathway and Driveways

We are also equipped to do high pressure cleaning on your dirty, slippery pathways and driveways. We also have a secure onboard water supply allowing us to reach hard to access places which may be restricted to water supply.

Health & Safety

Prevent possible injuries due to slippery or dirty pathways/driveways, have them pressure cleaned today!

Council Cage Bins and CarPark Bins for Commercial Premises

Council cages for wheelie bins become grubby and full of germ spreading bacteria. The same for Carpark bins in Food areas such as McDonalds, KFC, Hungry Jacks etc etc. 

The safety hazard is for staff having to maintain them, and the Council clearance people emptying them. Customers also must use them to get rid of their rubbish.  Bindazzled will clean, sanitise and deodorise your bins so they not only smell nice, they now help stop transmission of diseases.

High Pressure Cleaning

This service is of most importance to homeowners, not just for aesthetic reasons (turning your paving, concrete tiles and or brick pavers from dirty and grungy to clean and amazing)

But also it is a safety issue. In moist conditions your pathways and pavers not only become dirty, they also get a film of moss. Sometimes it looks green and mossy sometimes they look grey or black which is another form of moss and or bacteria. This film makes your pathways highly slippery and a dangerous walking area. It only takes a little slip to fall and possibly break an arm or leg or (heaven forbid) for our elderly people, a broken hip. Often a replacement hip for an elderly person means a reduced mobility which sometime leads to early death.

If not for safety reasons, look at how beautiful your pathway surrounds, BBQ areas and driveways come up with our High Pressure Clean Service.

"All it took was one clean from Bindazzled and we were able to completely remove the Redback spider cobwebs from our bin, as well as remove the bad odour that the bin was producing. If you've never had a bin clean before, i'd definitely recommend it!"

Robert J – Olinda, Melbourne

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